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Terms & Conditions

All prices displayed are representative of the quote for the date / time range requested, and takes into account any promo codes that may have been utilised. 
Rate includes
Third Party Liability (SLI)
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) with 200€ excess*
Theft Waiver (TW) with zero excess*
Breakdown Assistance
VAT (18%) and Local Taxes
Airport Tax         
Road Tax
* See Zero Excess Conditions and Requirements      
Rate excludes
Young driver surcharge
Optional extras
Driver Age Requirements
Young drivers surcharge: 100 TRY/day
Senior driver surcharge: N/A
Minimum/Maximum age:  21 to 85 years
Young drivers surcharge is applicable for drivers aged 21-24 years old for all vehicle categories,  excluding any premium/luxury categories on offer.
For premium/luxury categories the minimum age is 24 and the young driver surcharge applies for drivers aged 24-27.
Driver License and Identification Requirements
The renter/driver must be in possession of the following required documents: 

  • A valid Driving Licence with photocard
  • A valid Credit card
  • International customers must provide their passport showing an entrance stamp to Turkey
  • Turkish citizens are required to provide both their driver’s license and national ID card.

For compact and economy vehicle groups, the driver’s licence must be held for a minimum of 1 year and valid for at least 30 days after check-in
For Compact, Standard, Intermediate, and SUV vehicle groups, the driver’s licence must be held for a minimum of 3 years and valid for at least 30 days after check-in. License holders are required to present a photo card
Drivers looking to hire premium/luxury categories, are required to have held a driver’s license for a minimum of 5 years and it must be valid for at least 30 days after check- in. License holders are required to present a photo card
Driving licences should be in English, Latin letters
International Driving licences are required when a driving license is not in English or Latin letters.  
Turkish citizens will be subject to a credit rating check, ranging from 801 to 1501 dependant on the vehicle group selected, Turkish customers will need to pass this in order to qualify for the hire.
Customers who live in countries that do not participate in the International Driving license program are allowed to provide an officially translated version, along with the drivers’ license.
All drivers must produce a valid, original copy of their driving license including photo ID.
In the event that a customer arrives at the rental desk without the necessary documentation as stated above, the booking will be cancelled. In these cases, there will be no refund.                       

In addition to the stated requirements, the hirer of the vehicle is solely responsible to ensure that their licence is valid for use in the respective country and it remains the responsibility of the hirer to determine whether an International Driving Permit is required by local law. Failure to provide a valid licence and IDP permit (as required) will result in a non-refundable termination of the reservation at the rental counter

You may be denied rental for reasons including, but not limited to the following:

- Previous driving disqualifications

- Pending prosecution or police enquiry

- Convictions for offences relating to theft, fraud or dishonesty

- Involved in an at-fault accident within the last 5 years

- Involved in more than 1 accident in the last 3 years

- Defective vision

Method of Payment
Accepted Payment Method: Credit card
Debit cards are not allowed for deposits or payment at the desk, only credit card payments are accepted.
Accepted for deposit and payment: MasterCard Credit and Visa Credit
Not accepted for deposit and payment: American Express, Pre-paid credit cards, Diners, Laser, Maestro, debit, or Switch cards.
A security deposit will be held against your card(s) for the duration of the hire and the following requirements apply:

  • The credit card(s) must be in the name of the main driver
  • The credit card must have sufficent funds to cover the security deposit
  • For Premium and Luxury vehicle groups, two credit cards under the main drivers name is required, if this is not provided, the location reserves the right to refuse the rental

In the event that the driver fails to present a valid credit card or supplies a credit card with lack of sufficient funds available,  the rental agent may refuse to release the vehicle. In these instances, no funds paid will be reimbursed.
In the event that the original booking was paid for utilising a third party credit or debit card,  hirers may be required to present details, permissions and authorisation relating to the transaction. Failure to provide the information requested may result in the hire being refused.

Car Group

Credit Card(s) Required

Deposit Amount (TRY)






500 - 750

Compact Elite


750 - 2000



750 - 2000



5000 - 10000






2000 - 10000

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